the pokerhobbit’s background

Bachelor of Business (International Business & Marketing)
MBA (International Business)

16 years working for the National Australia Bank Group. The last 5 years of my finance career were as Senior Director Corporate Banking & Finance based in the Sydney Head Office. Since leaving the Finance Industry, I have predominantly become involved in the online gaming sector.

Contact Details:
Email: pokerhobbit@protonmail.com
Telegram: t.me/Pokerhobbit

what we offer

The Pokerhobbit brings a well-balanced skillset to our current and prospective clients, offering a wealth of experience in;

  • Sales and Management
  • Business Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Professional Networking

Being professional online gaming operators,  we understand what is required to create and maintain a unique client gaming experience. Over time we have partnered with like-minded professionals, their support and service offerings have enhanced our business. I feel now is the right time to offer those services to fellow operators. The more professional our industry becomes, the more sustainable it will be for our clients and for the operators.

Additionally, we have decided to add a local services portal to the site. While not core to the main offerings, the partners listed here are close friends who I seek to support with referrals when the right opportunity presents itself.

So, we warmly welcome you to our web site and we look forward to connecting you with our wonderful group of partners.

With regards,

The Strawmen